TMF water meter is accurate

Solution to Shape the World


Water Meter use fully automated technology more efficient, more durable, time-saving and convenient.


Water energy consumption is lower, but also to maintain the product quality.


TMF water meter ranks among the world‘s leading companies involved in the development and production water meter.


TMF has received a lot of industry attention to the important qualifications and recognition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Smart Water Solutions

TMF offers innovative flow metering and control solutions for smart water management, smart buildings and smart industrial processes, to help measure and protect resources for a smarter world.

We offers the widest range of water meters with remote reading solutions, including cellular meter reading and AMI smart water meters, providing customers the ability to choose the best solution for them.

Water Metering

TMF uses a world leader in providing innovative water metering solutions, including low flow and leakage detection applications. We manufactures water meters for utility, commercial and domestic use and offers a complete water metering portfolio including solutions for revenue metering, cost allocation, network monitoring, distribution, radio reading, smart metering systems and industrial applications.

At TMF we are focused on the future of smart water management. Everything we do is designed to help our clients reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and promote water conservation.

Our smart water meters are based on solid-state technology and leverage the most innovative science to make sure that your water meters stay accurate and that your overall water management system is flexible and easy to maintain.


Every utility situation is different. And every problem is unique. Let’s meet the challenge together.


Our customers share their successes around partnering with TMF and deploying our technologies.


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