About Us

TMF is an industrial leader in development and implementation of innovative metering solutions to the water industry and is committed to address the unique challenges the industry faces, including increasing customers demand and water scarcity.

TMF water designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of water metering solutions, which includes high accuracy mechanical meters, fully electronic water meters, smart and metering solutions for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our Purpose

The prerequisite for the integration for water meters into modern remote reading systems is the ability of the meters to communicate.

AMR- Technology by TMF provides modular structured solutions for smart metering systems via suitable interfaces, adapted to individual customer requirements, our portfolio includes both wired bus systems and wireless radio solutions as well as the associated software for activation and for taking reading with the systems.

We are contributing in developing a smart world.

Our Core Values

Our core values represent the principles by Technical Meter Factory (TMF) operates and is committed to upholding in our day to day business activities with clients and with one another, placing a high value on character, performance, honor and success.

➷ Team spirit and hard work.
➷ Commitment to quality and excellence.
➷ Prudence, integrity, and determination to succeed in spite of odss.
➷ Safety without accident.
➷ Determination to cross the threshold and finish like a champion.

Total Employees

History & Mission

⇒ Saudi leading privately owned company.
⇒ Diverse business interests worldwide.
⇒ Established in 1995.
⇒ Water meter solution.
⇒ IT and electro – mechanical & civil works.
⇒ Airports
⇒ Data center & communications projects.

⇒ Industrial installations
⇒ Power generation and transmission.
⇒ Operation and maintenance
⇒ Residential and commercial complexes
⇒ Universities
⇒ Hospitals

Our Strength

We listen and respond to our customers and together with our partners, we engineer infrastructure and intelligent technologies to solve the most and complex challenges in meaningful ways.

With our customers, peer and partners, we design intelligent technologies for today’s advanced energy and solve our customers most critical and complex challenges.

Company Business Scope

➷ TMF offers supplying products & provides services customized based on customer need.
➷ TMF combined several vendors well-known from Germany, France & UK.
➷ TMF specialized to improve operation process & reduce maintenance cost with available preventing solution provided by expertise since long time in same field.


➷ We provide several solution how to measure flow in different types of media anywhere then send it to office with suggestion solution by intelligent software.
➷ We provide flow meters comply variation usage like residential, industrial & transmission pipeline in different situation of channel we have.
➷ All solution has compatibility with existing systems.
➷ TMF has ability to provide turn keys solution including software development if needed.

Technical Meter Factory